Apply for the Golden Rule Seal

Using the standards is a free straightforward process. Please follow the directions below and contact us when you've met each standard.

In order to be approved as a Golden Rule Company, your organization must meet the following four requirments:

1. Demonstrate Zero Percent Financial Return.

All net profits from your company must be reinvested in the well being of your employees, the quality of your product, the affordability of your product, your environmental commitment, the quality of your facilities, or other directions to improve the quality of your business. 100% of any remaining profits must be donated to certified 501(c)3 agencies or used for company led-charitable projects. We will need to see financial returns demonstrating this.

2. Maintain third party approved living wage minimums.

There are many third-party living wage calcuators that are acceptable benchmarks. Our preferred calculator is the Poverty in America Living Wage Calculator sponsored by the Pennsylvania State University.

3. Establish salary maximums at the industry average.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey is the standard that we use. It is important to categorize each of your employees using the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system to determine the appropriate listing. No employee in your company may make more than the mean industry average for that position determined by the most recent survey. Both the national and the local statistics are appropriate to use. New survey data (released in May) must be accounted for by the start of the next fiscal year (July).

4. Operate using a multiple bottom line including but not limited to product quality, consumer well being, human rights, and the environment.

Your company must demonstrate that its decisions are driven by its performance towards these values. The way companys structure multiple bottom lines are varied and many. One of the most prevalent standards is the Triple Bottom Line established by the United Nations to account for People, Planet, and Profit. For more information on establishing a structure visit the Global Reporting Initiative reporting framework.

Download the full application here.